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We are here to offer you hope and an alternative to traditional prescription medications.

From the effects of disease and our environment, to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, NueMind delivers new hope for healing ourselves and improving our well-being.

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About NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness

Dr. Ayesha McCoy founded NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness as a wellness center in Kingwood to provide ketamine therapy for the treatment of resistant disorders, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. NueMind has developed a therapy process that ensures our patients are positioned to achieve the highest level of success.

Our services also include wellness treatment, intimate health, aesthetic enhancement, hormone therapy, medical marijuana, and IV therapy.

NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness will help monitor all aspects of your health as you need, and continue support after your treatments are complete. We’re here for you, and here with you.

Who We Are

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Benefits of Treatment at Your Wellness Center in Kingwood


Discover avenues of healing that conventional medicine—and insurance corporations—refuse to acknowledge, even though studies at the National Institutes of Mental Health, Mayo Clinic, Yale, and more have shown significant therapeutic benefits.


NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness was founded on the promise to expertly, compassionately, and affordably deliver effective, evidence-based therapies to address treatment-resistant mood disorders, mental health disorders, and chronic pain conditions.


Dr. McCoy is a Practicing Board-Certified Anesthesiology physician and a Doctor of Medicine (MD), with an alternate Board Certification with the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Real Patients Talking About Real Results

I have received treatments at a number of locations, this has by far been the best experience I’ve had. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful, and the environment is comforting.

The gratitude I have for the people working here is unreal. I suffer from severe depression and suicidal ideation. I have tried several antidepressants for years and it’s been a never ending cycleof kind of feeling better, to back at feeling my lowest. I started katemine IV therapy at NueMind and sincerely feel SO much…

Six months ago I tried ketamine infusions. The relief was nothing short of profound. I felt like it was my duty to weigh in with my experience. My duty because there are so many people who are needlessly suffering from the debilitating effects of TRD (treatment resistant depression and or chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are desperate, give it a try. The odds are relief awaits you on the other side.

My goodness did this therapy help me SO MUCH! after TEN YEARS of anxiety, panic attacks and depression — I painted my nails, I dyed my hair, I went and bought arts and crafts materials to start some art projects, I cooked meals, I did my dishes.. It gave me back my personality. And its all thanks to my Dr’s and the ketamine Clinics THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart.

Ketamine therapy saved my life. I had been put on every medication for depression since I was 11 and nothing worked. I tried ECT, Medications, TMS, and had been in and out of treatment centers for depression and self harm for 10 years. About a month into ketamine treatments, I started noticing slight differences. I was able to say that I feel ok today.

I have started feeling things again, hope, calm. I’m laughing again. The numb feeling is gone. I do want to say the first treatment was beautiful and brutal. It felt like a trust fall. There were some cathartic hallucinations, but it felt like I couldn’t move. There was a two day headache after. For the next treatments, we were very careful to have the room as quiet and dark as possible.

I was approved for treatment and since then my life has actually been pretty great as far as depression goes. It took away the suicidal thoughts immediately after my first injection. I finished my initial treatments and go back for maintenance treatments and it’s been 6 weeks since my last. I can tell I need it because the negative thinking and thoughts of not wanting to be here creep back in.

Ketamine changed my life and I believe that it has given me the help I need to feel better. I have PTSD and MDD. It helps me so much with my depression so fast more so than any other medication. It helps me get through my day even with the crippling pain of depression and other trauma. I’m noticing less symptoms of my PTSD since taking ketamine in fact maybe almost no symptoms.

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While the internet is a great place to get basic information, a personal, in-depth consultation with a NueMind medical professional helps you make informed decisions about finding help and hope for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.


Meet the Medical Minds at NueMind

Our licensed medical staff and expertly trained providers at your wellness center in Kingwood help patients achieve better relief and take control of their lives. We specifically offer pain, anxiety, and depression sufferers hope through proven alternatives to traditional prescription medications.

Get to know the people who will get to know you, who work hard to understand your concerns and issues, and who support you all through your journey to better health, better happiness, and an improved quality of life you may never have thought was possible.

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Ketamine Therapy Helps Our Patients Regain Freedom

Why Ketamine?

At NueMind, we offer IV ketamine therapy to help our patients take back control of their minds, thoughts, and health. After treatment, anxiety, depression, or past experiences no longer dictate how they live their lives or how they feel.

Following ketamine treatment, improvement may be seen within hours, combined with minimal side effects. Chronic pain is minimized dramatically and quickly.

The number and frequency of treatments are variable from patient to patient, depending on factors such as the severity of the symptoms, the other medications a patient may be taking, and the patient’s response to the treatments.

Research Shows That Ketamine Works

Studies at the National Institutes of Mental Health, Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Yale have shown significant benefit with the use of low-dose ketamine infusions for depression. As a matter of actual fact, approximately 70–80% of patients respond to ketamine infusions.

Ketamine is 1 of only 2 anesthetics listed by the World Health OrganizatiThon (WHO) as an “essential drug,” which refers to drugs that satisfy the healthcare needs of the majority of the population. With that designation, WHO states that an essential drug should be available at all times in appropriate amounts and dosage forms at a price the community can afford.

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