Hormone Replacement Therapy in Kingwood

Get a Boost With Hormone Replacement in Kingwood

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What It Treats

  • Stress

  • Exhaustion

  • Foggy thinking

  • Diminished sex drive

  • Loss of muscle and muscle strength

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Weight gain

Even and Balanced Hormones

Feel your best and get energized with hormone replacement therapy in Kingwood.

Hormones are important chemicals found within the body. These chemicals help the body grow, reproduce, and even regulate mood. The trained professionals at NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness, understand the necessity of the hormonal balance. Hormones can affect many of your body’s most important processes, so when your hormones become imbalanced, you’re likely to notice. If you’re feeling particularly lethargic, depressed, or low on energy, you should consider hormone replacement therapy in Kingwood.

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Treatment Highlights

Performed By

Physician or Nurse

Frequency of Treatments

Visit every 1 to 3 months

Duration of Results

Indefinitely—results will continue to improve as the therapy continues

How It Works

We can administer your hormones through injections, pills, creams, and supplements. With so many options, we can fine-tune your hormone balancing treatment to meet your individual needs. Every patient we see is different and needs a treatment that best suits them. If we find that one method isn’t working effectively, we can easily adjust your treatment so you can feel the results you’re looking for.

The treatment may change depending on your hormone imbalance, but the goal is the same. Using one of our several hormone therapy methods, we can introduce your body to missing or deficient hormones. These hormones may affect important biological processes like weight regulation and cognition. After your body is reintroduced to these vital chemicals, you may find that once-chaotic weight, mood, and energy levels soon even out.

Our Process for Hormone Replacement Therapy


    The first step in NueMind’s hormone replacement therapy is the consultation. When we meet with you, we want to be sure that we’re prescribing a treatment that you really need. So we will complete an in-depth consultation, where we ask you questions about yourself and your concerns to determine how we can best help you. From there, we can schedule your hormone treatment.

    Hormone Imbalance

    Once the consultation is complete, we’ll prescribe the necessary treatment. We can help you receive the necessary hormones through multiple different methods. We have injections, creams, pills, and supplements—so even if you’re not comfortable around needles or dislike swallowing pills, you have options available.


    Check-ups are an essential part of the hormone replacement therapy process. We will need to complete these every 1–3 months. These check-ups are vital in determining whether or not the treatment is working as desired. If not, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re feeling your best in no time. Always be sure to answer our questions as honestly as possible.



    Hormone imbalances can lead to increased stress levels, so this treatment can help you feel more relaxed.

    Muscle Loss

    Hormone imbalances have physical effects as well. With hormone replacement therapy, you may be able to see increased muscle definition.

    Sex Drive

    Have you found that your sex drive is lower than usual? A hormone imbalance may be to blame.

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    About NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness

    Dr. Ayesha McCoy established NueMind as a wellness center in Kingwood to provide ketamine therapy for the treatment of resistant disorders including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. NueMind has developed a therapy process that ensures our patients are positioned to achieve the highest level of success.

    Our services also include wellness treatment, intimate health, aesthetic enhancement, hormone therapy, medical marijuana, and IV therapy. NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness will help monitor all aspects of your health as you need, and will continue support after your treatments are complete. We’re here for you, and here with you.


    About What We Treat

    Billions of dollars are spent every year on therapies and medications treating depression and other mental disorders. Unfortunately, a significant portion of patients don’t receive adequate remission with traditional therapies. These same medications often have various lasting side effects.

    At NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness, we offer these patients more effective, evidence-based interventions to treat the mind and body.


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