Ketamine Therapy in Kingwood

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What It Treats

  • Chronic stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Chronic pain

  • Mood disorders

  • Suicidality

Ketamine Therapy in Kingwood for Mood Disorders & Chronic Pain

This “anti-medication” medication for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain doesn’t just treat symptoms. It regrows neural pathways for long-term healing.

At NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness, we practice an individualized ketamine therapy program to help our patients achieve better relief and take control of their lives. We work to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of mental illness while helping your natural healing abilities rebuild brain function so that you can direct your thoughts, your feelings, and your life to healthier places. You may discover that psychotherapy becomes more productive, negative habits become easier to change, and each day is worth living.

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Treatment Highlights

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Frequency of Treatments

Depends on individual

Duration of Results

Weeks to months

How It Works


Chronic stress, a major contributor to depression, actually changes brain cells and causes them to stop communicating in the prefrontal cortex. This is a serious problem because the prefrontal cortex regulates our thoughts, actions, and emotions. This depression is often treated with medications and/or psychotherapy. For a number of people, however, these treatments don’t provide longer-term relief, nor do they heal the brain. 

Ketamine therapy in Kingwood relieves symptoms in hours, instead of the weeks or longer that previous drugs require without the side effects. Scientific studies reveal that ketamine restores communication in the prefrontal neural circuits and throughout the brain, and helps brain cells heal. This process leads to reduced stress, elevated mood, better control over thoughts and feelings, and the power to face the challenges of life with hope and optimism.

Our Process for Ketamine Therapy in Kingwood


    Every NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness treatment starts with a 100% non-judgmental, free personal consultation with one of our qualified physicians. Typical ketamine protocols include 6-10 treatments over a period of 3-6 weeks. We will guide you through all the steps of an informed decision-making process and map out a treatment plan that fits your needs and goals. We will discuss your concerns, what you’re going through right now, and your goals for treatment. We will also talk about your medical history, including previous therapies. If ketamine therapy presents a positive therapeutic course of action for your situation, we will schedule your sessions.


    When you come in for your ketamine infusion therapy, you’ll relax in a comfortable chair. An IV infusion port will be placed in your arm, and then the IV infusion will begin. You’re more than welcome to listen to music you enjoy during the  infusion. As the ketamine enters your system, it goes to work immediately, relaxing you mentally and/or physically.

    Our patients frequently describe the feeling as pleasurable, soothing, and even “spiritual.” Negative thoughts become distant and less influential. Your progress will be extremely carefully monitored, and adjustments may be made—all to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and efficacy.


    Once the initial session is complete, we will allow you to go home and relax. You will likely feel the results of your ketamine therapy within 24 to 48 hours after the initial process. These results will become even more noticeable as you complete more sessions.

    After your initial course of treatment, the results will be tested thoroughly through follow-up evaluations. Each patient is unique, and their personal results—and possible side effects—will be different. All of this will be discussed beforehand and evaluated during and after your initial sessions. Once the necessary data is gathered, our medical professionals can help you determine the appropriate course to acheive continued improvement.

    Benefits of Ketamine Therapy in Kingwood

    Mood Elevation

    Ketamine therapy is proven to help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and other mood disorders.

    Cell Repair

    Ketamine triggers your brain to repair cells and regrow the connections that reduce mood disorders for the long term.

    Renewed Hope

    For patients who don’t respond to other treatments, ketamine infusion therapy can be quite simply life-changing.

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    About NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness

    Dr. Ayesha McCoy established NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness in order to offer more comprehensive and revitalizing care to patients.

    As a board-certified anesthesiologist, she has extensive experience with using ketamine in many different facets. Like all of us, she has not been untouched by mental illness in her loved ones. After personally witnessing the transformative effects of ketamine therapy she felt compelled to make this therapy as available as possible to the innumerable patients that need it.


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    Learn more about how Ketamine is used to treat anxiety at NueMind Ketamine and IV Wellness.

    About What We Treat

    Billions of dollars are spent every year on therapies and medications treating depression and other mental disorders. Unfortunately, a significant portion of patients don’t receive adequate remission with traditional therapies. These same medications often have various lasting side effects.

    At NueMind Ketamine & IV Wellness, we offer these patients more effective, evidence-based treatments for mood disorders and chronic pain.


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